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Baker's formulas are a way to express the proportion of each ingredient relative to the total amount of flour. *The flour weight is always expressed as 100%. The calculations are to divide the ingredient percentage by 100 to obtain a decimal, then multiply the resulting decimal by the weight of the flour. **The form requires flour, water, salt and yeast as inputs while starter and fat/oil are optional.

Formula Example

Napolitano Pizza Dough:

Flour: 100%, Water: 69.1%, Salt: 2.2%, Yeast: 0.5%

Assuming we need *500 grams of flour to make enough dough, we calculate the weights of each of the additional ingredients like this:

Water: 69.1% divided by 100 = 0.691 * 500 = 345.5g water
Salt: 2.2% divided by 100 = 0.022 * 500 = 11.0g salt
Yeast: 0.5 divided by 100 = 0.005 * 500 = 2.5g yeast

So our resulting conversion of the formula to a recipe is 500g flour, 345.5g water, 11g of salt and 2.5g of yeast.

Popular Formulas

Sourdough Baguette:

Flour: 100%, Water: 73%, Salt: 2.0%, Yeast: 2.0%, Starter: 3.33%


Flour: 100%, Water: 76%, Salt: 2.0%, Yeast: 1.2%

Pain a L' Ancienne:

Flour: 100%, Water: 79.6%, Salt: 2.0%, Yeast: 0.7%

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